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In the fall of 2004 two children’s ministry workers from a Baptist church in Central California being inspired by the lives of great Christians of the past began to see the need in their area for evangelism. They took to the streets, malls, and shopping centers with Gospel tracts and spoke to people about the Lord. They soon began to see the need for outreach to the poor and needy. They began making sack lunches and gathering clothes from nearby swap meets and distributing them to the needy. When deciding to form a fully fledged ministry they prayed about a name. Both men were struck by the story of the rich man and Lazarus and the condemnation on the rich man for his lack of help to his poor neighbor. They decided on the name Project Lazarus. Though headquartered in the small Central Valley town of Caruthers, California their ministry took them from San Francisco to San Jose, from Fresno to Bakersfield, Pismo Beach to Morro Bay and from Hollywood across Los Angeles. They used their resources to be a blessing to people both physically and spiritually. They were determined to meet the needs of the “whole person” as their motto stated.

Project Lazarus was from the beginning a by faith ministry meaning that we did no fundraising, and we told our needs to no one but the Lord and looked to Him alone for provision. We distributed tracts, Bible’s, New Testaments, clothes, and food. We visited in nursing homes, preached in prisons, and rescue missions and labored wherever we found a need.In late 2004 the leaders of the ministry formed the Bethany Bible Chapel where they met with a small group of believers simply in the Lord’s name for the breaking of bread, singing, preaching, Bible teaching and fellowship. The Project Lazarus was set aside in 2006 due to several circumstances in the lives of the leadership. In 2009 the ministry was partially restored in the form of a teaching blog. The March of Truth was named after a radio show done by missionary martyrs Jim Elliot and Ed McCully. By 2012 the ministry was re-launched and re-named The March of Truth.

Now headquartered in Bakersfield, California our mission remains the same as when Project Lazarus was first started. Our intention is to give out tracts, Bible’s and New Testaments, distribute food and clothing, preach on the streets, in prisons, and outside of abortion clinics, visit those confined to nursing homes, and an online teaching ministry on the website. It is our desire to minister in Christian assemblies with those who gather in the Lord’s name as well as establish these meetings whenever possible. Support for the ministry can be given online by clicking the donate tab on the homepage and of course no government benefit can be given.

10 Foundational Principles of The March of Truth:

1. We exist for the sole purpose of glorifying God. To this end we will labor and no activities, methods, or motives will be employed that would compromise this foundational principle.

2. We will never solicit donations of any kind from the unsaved world but will look to the Kingdom of God to provide for itself. We as the early church “go forth taking nothing of the Gentiles.”

3. We will endeavor to evangelize the lost through pulpit and street preaching, Scripture and tract distribution, 1 to 1 witnessing, door to door witnessing, and public reading of the Scriptures.

4. We will endeavor to assist the poor and needy through clothing and food distribution and by visiting shut in’s.

5. We will follow Scriptural principles for baptizing and discipling converts and establishing Christian assemblies.

6. We will labor with all believing brethren without regards to their denominational affiliation as long as they agree with the fundamentals of the faith.

7. We will support missionaries as the Lord allows.

8. We will distribute everything free of charge.

9. We will never enlarge the field of labor by contracting debts but in secret prayer we shall carry the needs of the Ministry to the Lord and act according to the means that God shall give us.

10. Support for the work will come from offerings given of a cheerful heart. No public requests for funds will be made but we will look only to the Lord in faith to supply our needs.

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